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Impact Secret For Straighter Golf Shots

There’s something that pros do at impact to help them hit straighter golf shots, and I want to share that tip with you today.

To help explain this tip I’m going to use Rory McIlroy as an example.

Rory is known as hitting great looking push draws. His trackman numbers are often swinging in to out by 4 degrees and his clubface at impact is about 2 degrees open.

With those numbers his shots start to the right of his target and then draw powerfully back.

But there’s something he does at impact to guard against the shot moving too much from right to left, and it’s something Ben Hogan used to do as well.

Here’s what that one thing is…

Rory at impact often errs towards hitting the ball slightly off the heel. By doing that it allows Rory to go hard at the ball from the inside without fearing that the ball is going to hook. As I said, Ben Hogan did this as well and he wanted to attack the ball from the inside.

Here’s a general rule for where you contact the ball on the clubface:

==> The more you strike the ball on the heel, the more it will fade/slice or resist drawing/hooking.

==> The more you strike the ball on the toe, the more it will draw/hook or resist fading/slicing

Now most golfers do not have a problem with hooking the ball too much. And if you don’t then something easy you can do to stop your fade/slice is to contact the ball more on the toe of the club. Because by doing that it will help to straighten out a fade/slice.

So how should you go about doing that?

Well, you should do this the complete opposite to what is logical.

The logical way to hit the ball on the toe is to “try” to hit the ball more on the toe of the club. But that is not the best way.

The best way is to learn to hit the ball all over the face.

See, this is all about clubface control. If I tell you to hit a shot out of a certain place on the clubface and you can, then you have clubface control. And that means, if for your normal shot you want to err on the side of hitting the toe, then you’ll be able to do this.

Make sense?

To practice this you need some Dr. Scholls foot spray or something similar, and spray that on say your 5 iron. Then simply hit balls and try to hit the ball all over the face. So on one shot try to hit the ball off the toe. For the next shot try to hit it off the heel. Then the next shot try to hit it out of the middle. If you’re feeling adventurous you can take this exercise to the next level and try to hit the ball right off the very toe of the clubface and off the heel. A shank in other words. 🙂

So there you go… in summary, if you want to reduce your fade or slice then get good at hitting shots off the toe of the clubface.

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