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How To Load Up Like A Spring In Your Backswing For Longer Drives

To get the most power in your backswing you…

…need to wind your shoulders up as much as possible against your hips, which should be restricted in their turn.

The more torque you create between your shoulders and hips, the more power and distance you’ll get.

Now your backswing should start with your big muscles, namely your shoulders, arms, hands etc. and your hips should not move for as long as possible.

Once your shoulders and arms get to a certain point your hips will have to move, but again this should happen as a result of your shoulder turn and not before.

Your shoulders should always turn more than your hips and for this to happen you must start your backswing first with your shoulders until they pull the hips to a start. This is nothing that you want to consciously do but something, which you can train to happen, and here’s how….

Grip halfway down the shaft of a club with the butt-end resting against your sternum and move your arms and shoulders as far as you can without turning your hips. That is the point in your golf swing when your hips should start turning, not before.

Another good way to rehearse the correct turning sequence is to sit in a chair and swing your arms and turn your shoulders as far as you can. Eventually there comes a point where your hips won’t let you turn any further – this will vary depending on your flexibility – and again that would be the point in your golf swing when the hips should begin to turn.

Your shoulders must move faster than your hips as you start your backswing because they have further to turn. And for your shoulders and hips to be in sync you must do what has been described because otherwise if you let your hips turn too soon in your backswing you’ll be all out of sync in your backswing and the rest of your swing will be history.

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