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Not Helpful Golf Advice

Below is a very important tip from Jeff Richmond that will help you improve your mental game. Everyone knows that golf is 90% mental so use this simple tip and see your scores drop. This tip is from Jeff Richmond and Jeff has recently released a new Mental Golf Mastery program and you can find out more about that here.

Now here is the tip from Jeff on how you can simply improve your mental game…

How often on the golf course do you give yourself advice that is not helpful?

For example…

“Don’t hit it over to the right, there’s big trouble over there”

“Don’t miss this short putt because you’ll look like an idiot!”

“Don’t chunk this pitch shot in the bunker”

“Don’t 3 putt… again!”


Are any of those thoughts helpful?

Of course they’re not!

But we golfers let those thoughts invade our minds – and our scores show it!

So here’s something to try the next time you play golf. Be aware of your thoughts going through your mind.

And when you notice thoughts that aren’t helpful, simply say to yourself in your head… “not helpful”.

Then replace the “not helpful” thought with a positive one or at the very lest a neutral one. For example….

If you’ve got a 50 foot putt and you notice yourself say something like “I’ll probably 3 putt this”. Say
to yourself “not helpful” and then replace that statement with something like this… “It’s possible I,
can get this putt close to the hole”.

Because that is possible, right?

If you do this type of mental reframing consistently you’ll shoot lower scores without spending one extra bit of time practicing.

Now that’s a good return on investment!

So as the old Nike ad used to say…”Just do it!”

That simple mental game tip was from Jeff Richmond. And the next time you play golf, give it a try because I’m sure it will help you to score lower. Now Jeff has a complete step-by-step program that will help you to replicate the mental processes that golf pros go through when they play golf. It’s a great program, so go here to check it out now:

Mental Golf Mastery Program – Unlock The Pro’s Secrets To The Mental Game

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