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What Should You Think About Before Or During A Golf Shot?

During your swing, your mind should be blank. You want to let your sub-conscience execute what you have learned in hitting a golf ball and instinctively make your shot. If you need to, go over what you need to do to make a good shot before you start your shot. You could go over the various stages of your swing being complete your follow through, belt buckle and elbows facing the target after you swing, do not stand up at impact, hit through the ball and not at the ball, lag you swing and keep your head down.

Golf is a game that requires a lot of mental focus and preparation. Before taking a shot, it is essential to think through a series of factors that can influence the outcome of your shot. In this article, we will discuss what you should think about before or during a golf shot to help you achieve better results on the course.

  1. Visualize Your Shot

    One of the most important things you can do before taking a golf shot is to visualize the shot in your mind. Visualizing your shot involves picturing the ball’s trajectory, distance, and landing spot. By imagining a successful shot, you are creating a mental blueprint for your swing, which can help you achieve better results on the course.

  2. Assess the Conditions

    Before taking a shot, it’s important to take stock of the conditions on the course. Consider factors such as wind speed and direction, the slope of the terrain, and any hazards or obstacles in your path. By assessing the conditions, you can make informed decisions about your shot and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  3. Choose Your Club

    Once you have assessed the conditions, it’s time to choose your club. Consider the distance you need to cover, the type of shot you want to make, and the conditions on the course. Choose a club that will allow you to make the shot you want while taking into account any obstacles or hazards in your path.

  4. Focus on Your Breathing

    Taking deep breaths can help you relax and clear your mind before taking a golf shot. Focus on taking slow, deep breaths, and exhale slowly to calm your nerves and improve your focus. Breathing can also help you control your tempo and rhythm, leading to a smoother and more consistent swing.

  5. Set Up Your Shot

    Once you have chosen your club, it’s time to set up your shot. Take your stance and align yourself with the target. Focus on your grip, posture, and ball position to ensure that you are in the best possible position to make your shot.

  6. Check Your Alignment

    Before taking your shot, double-check your alignment to ensure that you are aimed correctly at your target. Check your feet, hips, shoulders, and clubface to make sure that everything is lined up properly.

  7. Clear Your Mind

    As you prepare to take your shot, it’s important to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. Let go of any distractions or negative thoughts and focus on the shot you want to make. Visualize the ball’s trajectory and focus on making a smooth, fluid swing.

  8. Take Your Time

    Taking your time and maintaining a steady tempo can help you achieve better results on the course. Don’t rush your shot, and don’t let yourself become distracted by external factors. Take a deep breath, focus on your shot, and make a smooth, deliberate swing.

  9. Trust Your Swing

    As you prepare to take your shot, it’s important to trust your swing and have confidence in your abilities. Believe in yourself and your technique, and trust that you can make the shot you want. Remember that golf is a mental game, and a positive attitude can make all the difference.

  10. Follow Through

    After making your shot, it’s important to follow through with your swing. Hold your finish and watch the ball’s trajectory to see how your shot turned out. By following through, you can ensure that you are making the most of your swing and achieving the best possible results on the course.


Before or during a golf shot, there are many things to think about to achieve the best possible results on the course. Visualizing your shot, assessing the conditions, choosing your club, focusing on your breathing, setting up your shot, checking your alignment, clearing your mind, taking your time, trusting your swing,

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