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Putting Distance Control Suck? This is why

Do you have a hard time hitting long putts the correct distance?

If so, you know how that leads to so many 3 putts and higher scores than you deserve. BUT…

…the worst thing you can do is to practice your lag putting on the practice putting green and expect to improve.

In fact, if you’re a bad lag putter and you do that, you’ll probably get worse at putting NOT better.

You see, here’s what you need to understand about putting distance control.
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Bad Putter? Why A New Putting Style Is Never Enough

If you’re a bad putter I bet you’ve changed your putting style. You may have gone from a conventional grip to a left hand low. You may have tried the claw grip. You may have used a belly putter back in the day. Or maybe even a long putter.

The pro golfers that have succeeded doing this have changed way more than that. For example, look at Web Simpson. He is now using a Kuchar Arm Lock Type of putter with a claw grip BUT he also now has a very fast routine over the ball.

There would be more changes that we can’t see going on too for him to become a great putter again and win after bad putting problems.
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Whose At Fault When Golfers Are Bad Putters?

If you suck at putting and you’ve tried lot’s of traditional advice to improve, and nothing has helped… don’t worry, that’s not your fault.

And it’s not your fault because you haven’t practiced enough.

It’s not your fault even if you think your stroke isn’t technically good enough.
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Is Tiger Cheating Doing This?

Tiger Woods is a great putter. Maybe one of the best ever. That’s one big reason why he’s won 15 Majors.

But from an early age his Dad got him to do something very important with his putting and he’s never stopped. That is his routine. He has had the same putting routine every putt from the start of his career until now.

Often times bad putters don’t have a routine at all. Then other times they have one but change it when there putting get’s worse.
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Putting And Your Success In Golf

Subject: Is this true about you and your golf game?

Subject: Your Golf Success Determined By This?

Here’s is an interesting article from Jeff Richmond from about putting and your success in golf…

*Putting Prediction Test by Jeff Richmond*

I was reading recently on an article that found how golfers perform on putts from 25 fee largely determined their handicap. I have a link to that article below. But here were the assumptions on 25 feet putts…

“…players who tend to leave themselves a two-footer or less on a 25-foot putt generally corresponds with a scratch handicap. Players who leave themselves between two feet and three feet generally shoot in the low 80s, while players who finish between three and four feet (or more) generally shoot in the 90s or above. But, of course, these are averages.”
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Look at these Tour Pro Impact Secrets…

Notice how no two players on Tour swing exactly the same. Each great golfer has something in their swing and setup that makes them unique. BUT….

When you see still pictures from great golfers at impact, they all look almost identical. And the impact positions of great golfers are nothing like their setup position.

So often I hear golfers saying they want to return the club to same position it was at address. That’s absolutely crazy. And below I have a detailed article that is going to show you why.

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Use this drill for Perfect Golf Swing Sequencing

How To Improve Your Swing Sequencing For More Power In Your Golf Swing

Where do you want the most power and speed in your golf swing?

Not at the start of your swing, not at the top of your backswing, BUT at impact, right?

Well, here’s the best drill to help a golfer learn how to have the most power at impact.

Interestingly this drill doesn’t involve swinging a golf club but instead you will be swinging a rope. The beauty of this drill is you get instant feedback if the power in your golf swing is NOT at impact.

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The Transition Needed For Much Longer Drives

Below I have a free sample article from the Long Game Mastery Program.

That program is a proven, step-by-step program to help you build an effortless, smooth and powerful golf swing, just like a pro. And most of the instructions in this program can be done inside at home.

For a very limited time there’s an amazing special on this program, along with 5 great golf improvement bonuses! You can see the details of this amazing special offer by going here.

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Impact Secret For Straighter Golf Shots

There’s something that pros do at impact to help them hit straighter golf shots, and I want to share that tip with you today.

To help explain this tip I’m going to use Rory McIlroy as an example.

Rory is known as hitting great looking push draws. His trackman numbers are often swinging in to out by 4 degrees and his clubface at impact is about 2 degrees open.

With those numbers his shots start to the right of his target and then draw powerfully back.

But there’s something he does at impact to guard against the shot moving too much from right to left, and it’s something Ben Hogan used to do as well.

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4 Reasons Why You Slice The Ball

If you often hit a slice there will be 4 reasons why you do this.

The first reason will be because you setup to slice the ball. Most probably you have a weak grip, you have the ball positioned too far forward in your stance and you are aimed to the left.

Poor setup would be the number 1 reason why golfers slice the ball!

Almost all golfers who suffer with a slice problem try to fix it by changing their swing. But what they don’t understand is that their swing is largely determined by how they setup. So they can try swing changes all they want, but without changing the setup they are just putting a band-aid on the problem. And you know what happens to band-aids after a while…. they fall off!

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The Golf Swing Speed Challenge Review

The Golf Swing Speed Challenge was designed by Alex Gairdner. Alex is a British sports scientist who designed this program to help himself to increase his swing speed. Alex has a lot of letters after his name (i.e. BSc(Hons) Physio, Acup. ACP, BSc(Hons) SpSc) I’m not sure what they all mean, but it appears he has a lot of credentials to design a sports fitness program.

But the thing I like about this is that Alex doesn’t only walk the walk but he talks the talk…in terms of results.

Alex has said that he created this program to help himself swing faster, and then he videod his swing speed before he started it and found his swing speed was 93.8 mph. Then 56 days after completing the program he retested his swing speed and found that his swing speed was then 114 mph.
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One Strange Tip For Longer Drives

There’s one aspect of your setup that has a BIG influence on the distance you hit your shots. And that one part is…


So in this article I’m going to give you a great, simple way to help you improve your alignment and consequently hit longer golf shots.

To do this golf alignment exercise setup to a golf shot as normal and get comfortable. Then just before you’re ready to hit your shot, get two golf balls and without moving your feet place them directly behind your heels so they’re touching your feet. Now take your feet away and go back behind your ball down the line of your target and see how good your alignment was.
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