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Why Is Swinging Over The Top Bad?

Swinging over the top of the golf ball is common for average golfers. The problem is the upper body is tensed up because you are trying to explode the swing through impact on the downswing. The club is swung outside of the intended swing plane at a steep angle with your arms pushing away from your body and the club approaches the ball from the top, outside in. Swinging from the top will usually cause a big slice.
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In Golf, What Causes A Slice Shot?

A weak grip is when your hands are pointed more towards your lead shoulder or the V created between your thumb and index points more towards your lead shoulder. If you have an incorrect weak grip, you cannot close the clubface during the downswing and this will add side spin to the ball resulting in a slice. Adversely, a stronger grip can lead more towards hooking the ball. To straighten out your shot, experiment by rotating your grip until you can hit the ball straight.
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What Is The Smash Factor?

The smash factor means the amount of energy transferred from the club to the golf ball and the smash factor is the ball speed divided by the club speed. The smash factor indicates the energy transfer. The higher the smash factor the further you will hit the ball. For example, a certain loft on a club and a club speed of 100 mph results in a ball speed of 150mph gives a smash factor of 1.50. The more the loft is on the club, the lower the smash factor will be. Golfers with the same club speed but different smash factors yields a difference of 20 yards in distance for every 10 mph difference of ball speed.
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What Should You Think About Before Or During A Golf Shot?

During your swing, your mind should be blank. You want to let your sub-conscience execute what you have learned in hitting a golf ball and instinctively make your shot. If you need to, go over what you need to do to make a good shot before you start your shot. You could go over the various stages of your swing being complete your follow through, belt buckle and elbows facing the target after you swing, do not stand up at impact, hit through the ball and not at the ball, lag you swing and keep your head down.
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What Is Compression Of A Golf Ball Which Type Is The Best?

If you have longer than average drives, you could use a compression rating of 100 or higher due to your faster swing speed. A higher compression ratio yields a greater density in the golf ball and the ball does not compress as much. A lower compression is easier to compress at impact which results in a greater energy release and longer shots down the fairway. The bottom line is, expert players can get away with higher compression golf balls and average players should use low compressions golf balls for more distance and better feel at impact.
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