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Putting Distance Control Suck? This is why

Do you have a hard time hitting long putts the correct distance?

If so, you know how that leads to so many 3 putts and higher scores than you deserve. BUT…

…the worst thing you can do is to practice your lag putting on the practice putting green and expect to improve.

In fact, if you’re a bad lag putter and you do that, you’ll probably get worse at putting NOT better.

You see, here’s what you need to understand about putting distance control.

There’s 3 things you need to improve your distance control and the two technical elements of that should be practiced away from the golf course… at home.

If you don’t get better at the 2 technical elements then you won’t improve your distance control ability on the greens.

To find out what the 3 critical things are that you need to work on to improve your putting go here and check out this new Fresh Start Putting program where you get a complete program to help you have the best chance of turning your bad putting into great putting.

This new program has been tested on 7 bad putters with amazing results that you can see here.

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Here’s an example of one result:

“My buddies know me as a bad, bad putter. Any putting bets and I’m easy money! When I got an email from Jeff looking for bad putters I responded fast!! At the end of 2018 my handicap was 15. At a guess my bad putting would have cost me at least 5 shots a round. I started following Jeff’s program at the start of 2019. It was like a revelation to me. As I added one piece after another my putting changed. My playing partners noticed the changed and started seeing me differently. I was no longer the easy money target. After a month or so on the program my regular partners started asking me how I turned my putting around. Of course, I lied so they didn’t ask for the same program. At the end of Feb my handicap was down to 11. Down 4!!! The only difference was Jeff’s putting program! I’m more than overjoyed. Putting is fun now. I don’t dread it anymore. I would actually label myself a confident putter now. Can’t believe I’m saying that. This program gave me putting a new beginning. Amazing. Anyone that has a chance to get it, DO IT NOW! Thanks so much Jeff. Your new program has brought this old man a lot of joy.”

Ted Davis, Arizona, USA

To see the other results go here for the Fresh Start Putting System.

It’s because of great results from all 7 testers this new putting improvement program has been opened up to let any bad putter try it. Because golf is so much more fun when you’re a great putter.

And this program is the only chance to give golfers a fresh, new start to putting so they go from Bad Putter to Great Putter.

Currently it’s on special so go here to check it out while you can.

Have fun going from a bad putter to great putter by giving your putting a new, fresh start.

P.S. The special introductory pricing on this new Fresh Start Putting program ends soon. So go here now to get the program because the quicker you do, the faster you’ll improve your putting and lower your scores… impressing your playing partners no end.

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