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Five Strategies For Lower Scores: Mastering the Fundamentals

Golf is a game that requires a combination of skills, including proper swing fundamentals, short-game techniques, and strategy. While perfect mechanics are important, strategy plays a significant role in producing lower scores. Fortunately, there are several key strategies that anyone can easily utilize to produce better results on the course. These strategies encompass the areas of shot and target selection, tension-free mechanics, tempo and rhythm, mental toughness, and score-saving decision making. By mastering these strategic musts, golfers can improve their game without changing their swing. This article will explore each of these strategies in detail and provide tips on how to implement them to achieve more consistent results on the course.
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What Are Some Underlying Physical Factors That May Be Adversely Affecting Your Gold Swing And What Needs To Be Done To Create A Better Swing

Golf is a sport that requires a combination of physical, mental, and technical skills to excel. Even the most skilled golfers can experience difficulties with their swing, which can negatively impact their performance on the course. One of the most common reasons for this is underlying physical factors that can affect a golfer’s ability to make a consistent and powerful swing. In this article, we will explore some of these physical factors and what can be done to create a better swing.
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Look at these Tour Pro Impact Secrets…

Notice how no two players on Tour swing exactly the same. Each great golfer has something in their swing and setup that makes them unique. BUT….

When you see still pictures from great golfers at impact, they all look almost identical. And the impact positions of great golfers are nothing like their setup position.

So often I hear golfers saying they want to return the club to same position it was at address. That’s absolutely crazy. And below I have a detailed article that is going to show you why.

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How To Load Up Like A Spring In Your Backswing For Longer Drives

To get the most power in your backswing you…

…need to wind your shoulders up as much as possible against your hips, which should be restricted in their turn.

The more torque you create between your shoulders and hips, the more power and distance you’ll get.

Now your backswing should start with your big muscles, namely your shoulders, arms, hands etc. and your hips should not move for as long as possible.

Once your shoulders and arms get to a certain point your hips will have to move, but again this should happen as a result of your shoulder turn and not before.
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Simple Drill To Reduce Golf Swing Tension

Here’s A Simple Drill To Reduce Golf Swing Tension (so you hit the ball further!)

Does this sound like you?…

You feel a lot of tension in your golf swing and you try to tell yourself to relax but the harder you try to do this the more tense you become.

If this does sounds like you the first piece of advice is to not “try.”


Because trying creates tension in your golf swing so cut that “trying” out first because it’s costing you distance and accuracy.
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Not Helpful Golf Advice

Below is a very important tip from Jeff Richmond that will help you improve your mental game. Everyone knows that golf is 90% mental so use this simple tip and see your scores drop. This tip is from Jeff Richmond and Jeff has recently released a new Mental Golf Mastery program and you can find out more about that here.

Now here is the tip from Jeff on how you can simply improve your mental game…

How often on the golf course do you give yourself advice that is not helpful?

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1 Simple Tip To Improve Your Pitching Contact

Today I have for you some great short game advice from Jeff Richmond who is the Director of Instruction at The advice he shares below may seem contrary to the short game advice you’ve been given in the past but listen to what he says and then give it a try.

1 Simple Tip To Improve Your Pitching Contact by Jeff Richmond

Everyone knows how important the short game is, but here’s some stats that may surprise you…

From 30 yards pros get up and down about 46% of the time. Whereas a 10 handicap golfer only gets up and down around 11% of the time, and a 30 handicapper only gets up and down about 3% of the time.


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You must practice 9 yard pitch shots. Here’s why…

Today I have for you some more great short game advice from Jeff Richmond who is the Director of Instruction at Consistent Golf. So let’s get started…

Why You Should Practice 9 Yard Pitch Shots

By Jeff Richmond

A while ago I was reading an article online, which had research that shows the average distance golfers miss the green is 6 to 8 yards from the edge of the green.

Now for most pitch shots you want the ball to land a couple of yards from the edge of the green, and then let the ball run the rest of the way to the hole.

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The Golf Swing

It’s probably the most analyzed, dissected and debated movement of any sport.

One person likes Tiger Woods’ swing, another person hates it.

One person likes Sergio Garcia’s swing, another person hates it.

One person likes Ben Hogan’s swing, another person hates it.

So is there ONE perfect golf swing?

Well, it depends on how you define a perfect golf swing.

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