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Is Tiger Cheating Doing This?

Tiger Woods is a great putter. Maybe one of the best ever. That’s one big reason why he’s won 15 Majors.

But from an early age his Dad got him to do something very important with his putting and he’s never stopped. That is his routine. He has had the same putting routine every putt from the start of his career until now.

Often times bad putters don’t have a routine at all. Then other times they have one but change it when there putting get’s worse.

Notice, Tiger has never changed his putting routine… through bad putting periods and great ones.

So if you’re a bad putter, your putting routine is one place you need to come up with a routine and then make a commitement to stick to the new routine for a good period of time.

In the Fresh Start Putting program you are walked through doing that and shown one of the best putting routines most bad putters should use to make a fresh start. And then you’re told what you need to do to actually make a commitment to stick to it for a good period of time.

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P.S. Yes, the subject of this email was clickbait because of course Tiger is not cheating by repeating the same putting routine over and over again, day after day, year after year. But he is making putting a lot easier by doing that which of course is perfectly legal. And now it’s your turn to make putting a lot easier by going here and getting the Fresh Start Putting program. Because very soon you could be getting results like Ted got with this program

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“My buddies know me as a bad, bad putter. Any putting bets and I’m easy money! When I got an email from Jeff looking for bad putters I responded fast!! At the end of 2018 my handicap was 15. At a guess my bad putting would have cost me at least 5 shots a round. I started following Jeff’s program at the start of 2019. It was like a revelation to me. As I added one piece after another my putting changed. My playing partners noticed the changed and started seeing me differently. I was no longer the easy money target. After a month or so on the program my regular partners started asking me how I turned my putting around. Of course, I lied so they didn’t ask for the same program ha ha. At the end of Feb my handicap was down to 11. Down 4!!! The only difference was Jeff’s putting program! I’m more than overjoyed. Putting is fun now. I don’t dread it anymore. I would actually label myself a confident putter now. Can’t believe I’m saying that. This program gave me putting a new beginning. Amazing. Anyone that has a chance to get it, DO IT NOW! Thanks so much Jeff. Your new program has brought this old man a lot of joy.”

Ted Davis, Arizona, USA

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