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Whose At Fault When Golfers Are Bad Putters?

If you suck at putting and you’ve tried lot’s of traditional advice to improve, and nothing has helped… don’t worry, that’s not your fault.

And it’s not your fault because you haven’t practiced enough.

It’s not your fault even if you think your stroke isn’t technically good enough.


If you’re a bad putter then traditional putting instruction is never going to help you become great.

What you need to have any chance of becoming a great putter is to have a new begining. To start again.

That was what Jeff Richmond from Consistent Golf found and he’s been helping golfers to improve for over 25 years.

You see, bad putters are different.

Jeff had been wracking his brain to try and come up with a solution to help bad putters become great for years and then in 2018 he had a “eureka” moment on something he thought could help Bad putters become Great. So he put his new thoughts and ideas into a new program.

Naturally he couldn’t release it to the golfing public until he made sure it worked. So in early 2019 he sent out an email inviting bad putters to test out his new program. He had a lot of replies but whittled it down to 7 testers. And now, the results of those 7 testers are in and the results they achieved are quite remarkable. Here’s an example of one…

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“The yips got me young. Ever since then I’ve been trying one thing after another looking for THE SOLUTION! Never found anything that helped me long term. Some ray’s of hope now and again but nothing lasted. The amount of times I’ve vowed to quit golf because my putting sucked so bad! Jeff’s email in early 2019 got me at a low point and I thought what have I got to lose. I suck at putting. Can’t get any worse. I quickly looked over the program and logically it made sense but so had everything else I’d tried. To be honest I thought I’d give it a try just to prove Jeff wrong. Some bad putters can never be helped. After following the first couple of lessons I noticed my putting turning around. Holed a few short putts I swore I would have missed the previous year. My lag putting was better. My scores were a bit lower. Then, with each new lesson I got better and better. Couldn’t believe it!!! The yips have gone now! I’m a happy, confident putter now! I never thought I would ever say that. Jeff is the man! If bad putting is holding your game back you have to get his new program. I can’t recommend it high enough. My handicap has gone down from 22 to 16. Thanks a ton Jeff!!”

Ryan Jones, California, USA

To see the other results go here.

Click Here For The Fresh Start Putting System

It’s because of great results from all 7 testers Jeff opened up the program to let any bad putter try it. Because golf is so much more fun when you’re a great putter.

And this program is the only chance to give golfers a fresh, new start to putting so they go from Bad Putter to Great Putter.

Currently it’s on special so go here to check it out while you can.

Have fun going from a bad putter to great putter by giving your putting a new, fresh start.

P.S. The special introductory pricing on Jeff’s new Fresh Start Putting program ends soon. So go here now to get the program because the quicker you do, the faster you’ll improve your putting and lower your scores… impressing your playing partners no end.

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